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IV. Reel-to-Reel (Boxes 120-121) and Log


Scope and Contents

From the Collection:

The Henry and Sue [Lorenzi] Sojourner Civil Rights Movement Collection is a fascinating group of materials that give an in depth look into the Civil Rights Movement, specifically in Holmes County Mississippi.


  • 1900s
  • 1940s–1950s
  • Majority of material found within 1960s–2010s; Undated

Conditions Governing Access

Noncirculating; available for research.


From the Collection: 69.87 Cubic Feet

Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Media Log

Box 120

• Tape 2-Side 1-Alma Carnegie, July 5, 1967; Side 2-Conversation between Dimp Walden, Henry Lorenzi, Lou Marino on SNCC and Movement

• Tape 3-Side 1 - Alma Carnegie, Rosebud Clark, Henry and Sue at Clark’s House, August 27, 1967; Side 2-Henry speaking about Health Service programs for poor (HEW), November 6, 1968

• Tape 4-Side 1 - Hartman Turnbow, Henry and Sue Lorenzi (Fear and the First Fourteen), August 19, 1967; Side 2-September 5, 1967

• Tape 5-Side 1-Alma Mitchell Carnegie, 000-255 and Eugene Montgomery 259-366, August 2, 1967; Side 2-Alma Carnegie, Ozell Mitchell, Charlie Carnegie, with Sue Sojourner, August 18, 1967

• Tape 6-Side 1-Alma Carnegie (continued from Side 2 of the August 15 tape), August 18, 1967

• Tape 7-Miscellaneous (see inserts), 1967

• Tape 9-Side 1-Mt. Olive Meeting, October 3, 1968, Davis, Clark, Booker, Smith, Mrs. Johnson, Burrell Tate, Dr. Mallory

• Tape 10-Side 1-Conversation with Alec Shimkin, and Henry and Sue Lorenzi on elections; Side 2-End of Conversation with Henry Lorenzi, Cabe Worthey, Alec Shimkin, and Sue on Riots, etc., Henry on fear paper introduction , October-November 1967

• Tape 11-Side 1-“Toms”, Community Center, etc., meeting, West, Mississippi, March 18, 1968; Side 2-Mileston Community Center Meeting, March 20, 1968

• Tape 12-Side 1-SCLC March, Epworth Church, Warren Booker introducing Rep. Robert Clark-Clark Speaks, group singing, June 15, 1969; Side 2-taped by Henry Lorenzi, Thoughts on describing Holmes County, Review of Mississippi Population Trends, readings from 1939 thesis, thoughts on Fear Paper, Reading parts of first draft of Fear Paper, September-October, 1967

• Tape 13-Executive Meeting, December 10, 1967, Ed Brown, Unita Blackwell, Amzie Moore, Ozell’s Questions

• Tape 14-Side 1-with Mary Lee Hightower, October 21, 1967; Side 2-Robert G. Clark Conversation, October 5, 1967

• Tape 15-Side 1-Henry Lorenzi meeting on Ecology, Holmes County Research Program; Side 2-Afternoon of September 23, 1968, Nelson

• Tape 16-Side 1-Conversations with various visitors to house-Mrs. Vance, Waldens, Alec Shimkin, Ed Brown, Bob Clark; Side 2 - Blank

• Tape 17-Side 1-2nd primary (sic) meeting, Bruce chairman, Principal Sullivan and Mrs. Sullivan, Rev. Davis as campaign coordinators, Bailey, Burns, Johnson, Tate as candidates for Election; Side 2-Clark Conversation

• Tape 18-Side 1-15/16, WXTN Radio, April 20, 1969; Bruce’s Quartet and More; Countywide at Mileston, April 20, 1969; Side 2-15/16, Second Part of Countywide at Mileston, April 20, 1969, Rev. Watkins preaching, Songs, Mr. Bruce on schools, Mrs. Lewis reading letter to whites of April 16, 1969, end of meeting, collecting money noise

• Tape 19-Henry Lorenzi’s Meetings-Side 1-End of September 1967, Research Committee, Service Committee; Side 2 -Meetings, October 5, 1967, Henry with Milton Olive Social Service Aides, Area Teacher Guides, Medical Aides, and Midwives

• Tape 20-Side 1 - Annie Bell Mitchell and Ozell Mitchell, August 24, 1967, First Interview on Fear; Side 2-Annie Bell Mitchell, August 24, 1967

Box 121

• Tape 21-Side 1-Campaign Picnic, July 4, 1967 (includes Bob Smith, Bailey, Mary Hightower, Ward Montgomery, John Malone, Hartman Turnbow, Ralthus Hayes, Robert Clark, Lawrence Guyot, Pat Henson, Rev. C. L. Clark, John D. Wesley, Tom Griffin, etc.); Side 2-Campaign Caravan, October 28, 1967 and November, 6, 1967-Ebenezer, Pickens, Goodman

• Tape 22-Side 1-Henry and Sue Lorenzi talking on Fear Paper, August 26, 1967; Side 2-Same as above

• Tape 23-possibly blank; Side 1-Saul Sutton Meeting at Tchula, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Fourth Sunday, April 1969, Kickoff campaign for Mayor Saul, Rev. Davis, Hazel Smith, Rev. Booker, Sue and others; Lebanon meeting; Side 2-blank (contains detailed notes)

• Tape 24-Side 1-¾ full?; Side 2-3 ¾ full? Est. 1 hour

• Tape 26-Side 1, 1 7/8, July 14, 1969 (full); Side 2, 1 7/8 speed, July 15, 1969, Henry and Sue, full

• 27-3 ¾

• Tape 28-Copy of May Workshop, Tape 2, May 8, 1969; Side 1-Continuation and end of first morning session, May 8, beginning of May 8 night session, public mass meeting at the courthouse; side 2-continuation and end of May 8 night session, public mass meeting at courthouse

• Tape 29-Copy of May 9, 1969 Workshop, morning session; Tape 1; Side 1 - Mrs. Mary Tate, schoolteacher, Mrs. Vivian Brown, nurse (white), Howard T. Bailey, coop organizer; Otis Nelson, education director of Milton Olive; Side 2-Continuation of Otis Nelson (one sentence), Burrell Tate, FDP executive, Walter Bruce, Jr., FDP and carpenter, Robert Grant, Director of Migrant Farm Program (to be continued on Tape 2 Side 1, May 9

• Tape 30-Copy of May 9, 1969, Tape 2; Side 1-Robert Grant, continuation from tape 1, side 2, Eddie Logan, Director of HRP, Mrs. Bernice Montgomery, Director of Milton Olive Headstart, Question Period-Shimkin, Alexander, Shimkin, Patterson, Alexander, Introduction Period (cut from tape), Statement by Mrs. Shoemaker on the health problem case that she had tried to settle that morning, Statement by Zepora Booker; Side 2, Afternoon Session, May 9, 1969-Discussion-Alexander, Shimkin, Patterson, Lorenzi, Montgomery, etc.

• Tape 31-May 9, 1969 Workshop, Tape 3; Side 1-continuation; Side 2-Blank

• Tape 32-Side 1-1 7/8-Sunday September 10, 1969, Sue-Henry Conversations, full (2 hours); Side 2-1 7/8-100 perhaps-same as above-mostly empty, July 21, 1969 (around ¼ hour)

• Tape 33-Side 1-000-109 - 15/16 Speed, March 17, 1968, first half of FDP Countywide Meeting; 120-240-15/16 speed, March 18, 1968, Discussion with Althea McGee and Georgia Clark; Side 2-Henry, Sue, etc.

• Tape 34-Side 1-Henry on Fear, October 30, 1967; Side 2-Conversation between Sue and Henry on Fear Paper

• Holmes County Kindergarten Easter Program, April 16, 1965

• Three Inch Reel-Diary Recording at Beginning: Holmes MFDP Radio spots for Freedom March

• Unlabeled tape, Holmes County, 1960s

• Unlabeled tape, Holmes County, 1960s, perhaps 1964

• Unlabeled tape, Holmes County, 1960s

• Unlabeled tape, Holmes County, 1960s

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