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John L. Pendergrass Collection of Political Campaign Materials

Identifier: M613

Scope and Contents

The collection contains campaign materials, campaign buttons, documents, and periodicals.


  • Creation: circa 1900-2020


Conditions Governing Access

Noncirculating; available for research.

Conditions Governing Use

This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Biographical / Historical

John L. Pendergrass, M.D. is a native of Clarksdale, Mississippi. He graduated from Delta State College and received his medical degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a Flight Surgeon at Da Nang Air Base in Vietnam and received the Air Medal. He completed his Ophthalmology residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Pendergrass practiced at the Green Eye Institute in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, from 1975-2019. As an eye surgeon, he helped thousands retain or improve their sight.

A keen observer of politics, he joined the American Political Items Collectors (APIC) organization in 1977 and began collecting in earnest. Dr. Pendergrass' collection grew quit large over the years, but his main focus was the Eisenhower administration. A lover of history and politics, he amassed one of the largest, know collections of Eisenhower memorabilia. Dr. Pendergrass gave Special Collections nearly 400 items relating to the Eisenhower/Nixon campaigns in 1984.

In 2020, John L. Pendergrass bestowed another significant gift to Specials Collections covering both Mississippi and National political races spanning over 100 years of politics in Mississippi. These graphic items represent many historic moments in time and echo many of our other collections: Political, Civil Rights, and The University of Southern Mississippi.

Items of note are memorabilia from President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1907 visit to Vicksburg, objects documenting the short-lived States' Rights Democratic Party (1948), and posters from Ronald Reagan’s appearance at the Neshoba County Fair in 1980 where he launched his Presidential campaign.

Additionally, Dr. Pendergrass is an avid Ironman Triathlete and author, publishing his first book, Against the Odds: The Adventures of a Man in His Sixties Competing in Six of the World's Toughest Triathlons across Six Continents in 2013. His second book, Racing Back to Vietnam: A Journey in War and Peace was published in 2017. Pendergrass served a year in combat during the war in Vietnam. He worked in a medical unit with the U.S. Air Force and also flew 54 bombing missions in the backseat of an F-4 Phantom jet.


21 Cubic Feet (total)

Language of Materials



This collection contains political campaign materials related to Mississippi and National political campaigns.


The materials are arranged into six series:

Series I – Campaign Materials

Series II – Documents

Series III – Periodicals

Series IV – The University of Southern Mississippi

Series V – Campaign Buttons

Series VI – Oversize Materials


Donated by Dr. John L. Pendergrass, M.D. in 1984 and 2020.

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• Case File

• Contents from the collection

Button Log

Box 15

Tray 1

M613-0001 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0002 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0003 Peace – Progress – Prosperity Ike Dick button

M613-0004 Ike For President button

M613-0005 Ike and Ives The I’s Have It button

M613-0006 Ike – Morse Code button

M613-0007 I Like Ike But Vote Krajewski and Yezo I Like Adlai button

M613-0008 “I like Ike” button

M613-0009 Dem-Ike-Crats for Eisenhower button

M613-0010 Bertolet Eisenhower Nixon button

M613-0011 “Ike” Needs Sundlun in the U.S. Senate

M613-0012 Ike in ’56 button

M613-0013 Ike Beardsley Nixon button

M613-0014 I Like Ike button

M613-0015 Ike Likes Louie So Do I

M613-0016 Ike and Pike button

M613-0017 I’ve Invested in Ike button

M613-0018 Morton Cooper Ike Robsion button

M613-0019 Morton Ike Cooper button

M613-0020 Eisenhower and Herter button

M613-0021 Vote Eisenhower Nixon Republican button

M613-0022 Ike and Chris button

M613-0023 Happy Birthday Ike button

M613-0024 Make the White House the Dwight House button

M613-0025 Morton Ike Cooper button

M613-0026 Mi Piace Ike e Javits button

M613-0027 Re-Elect Duff with Ike button

M613-0028 Let’s Go! Ike and Cobo button

M613-0029 Think Don’t let this happen to you! Vote for Ike button

M613-0030 I Like Ike button

Tray 2

M613-0031 Win with Ike button

M613-0032 Let’s Back Ike & Dick button

M613-0033 Ike button

M613-0034 Ike and Dick button

M613-0035 Ike Nixon button

M613-0036 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0037 General Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0038 Peace Prosperity Progress Keep Ike button

M613-0039 I like Ike button

M613-0040 Young Bucks Like Ike button

M613-0041 Ike button

M613-0042 They’re for You Ike Dick button

M613-0043 President Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0044 Ike in 56 button

M613-0045 I Like Ike Even Better button

M613-0046 I Still Like Ike button

M613-0047 J’aime Ike button

M613-0048 Give Ike Your Senator button

M613-0049 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0050 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0051 Vets for Ike button

M613-0052 Let’s Go! Ike and Cobo button

M613-0053 I’m for Eisenhower and Nixon button

M613-0054 Ike Jersey says Yes! Button

M613-0055 Keep America Strong with Ike button

M613-0056 The Man of the Hour Eisenhower button

M613-0057 Ike in ’56 button

M613-0058 Ike Dick They’re for You button

M613-0059 Ike Nixon button

M613-0060 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0061 The Man of the Hour Gen. Ike Eisenhower button

M613-0062 Give Ike Republican Senate in ’54 button

M613-0063 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0064 IT button

M613-0065 U.S. for Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0066 We Like Ike button

M613-0067 Ike Dick They’re For You button

M613-0068 Peace and Prosperity with Eisenhower button

M613-0069 Don’t let this happen to you! Vote for Ike! Button

M613-0070 Me Gusta Ike button

M613-0071 Ike Dick They’re For You button

M613-0072 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0073 Eisenhower and Nixon button

M613-0074 Ike Dick button

M613-0075 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0076 Ike for President Butler for Senator button

M613-0077 Ike Likes Me button

M613-0078 I Like Ike button

M613-0079 Yo Quiero Ike button

M613-0080 Yo Quiero Ike button

M613-0081 I Like Ike Even Better button

M613-0082 Five for Ike Crusade button

M613-0083 I Like Ike But I Am Going To Vote For Stevenson button

M613-0084 Ike and Dick button

M613-0085 Young Bucks for Ike button

M613-0086 Pennsylvania for Ike button

M613-0087 Vote Eisenhower Peoples’ Choice button

M613-0088 Ike and Dick Sure to Click button

M613-0089 U.S. for Ike button

Tray 3

M613-0090 Ike button

M613-0091 I Like Ike button

M613-0092 Ike Volunteer 56

M613-0093 Ike button

M613-0094 “IKE” button

M613-0095 Eisenhower button

M613-0096 Ike button

M613-0097 Ike button

M613-0098 Ike 56 button

M613-0099 Ike button

M613-0100 Ike Nixon button

M613-0101 Ike Nixon button

M613-0102 Ike button

M613-0103 Ike button

M613-0104 Ike button

M613-0105 1956 button

M613-0106 I like Ike coin

M613-0107 Ike button

M613-0108 Ike Dick button

M613-0109 Dwight Eisenhower button

M613-0110 Dwight D. Eisenhower coin

M613-0111 Ike button

M613-0112 Keep America Strong Let’s Back Ike coin

M613-0113 Second Inauguration January 20 1957 coin

M613-0114 ’56 button

M613-0115 Ike button

M613-0116 Ike button

M613-0117 “IKE” button

M613-0118 34th President, U.S.A. Dwight D. Eisenhower coin

M613-0119 Back Ike Vote Republican

M613-0120 Ike button

M613-0121 1854-1954 Republican Centennial button

M613-0122 Ike button

M613-0123 Ike button

M613-0124 Peace and Prosperity – Dinner With Ike button

M613-0125 I Like Ike button

M613-0126 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0127 Ike Dick They’re For You button

M613-0128 Vet for Ike button

M613-0129 Ike Nixon button

M613-0130 Back Ike Vote Duff button

M613-0131 Ike button

M613-0132 Nov. 6th 1956 Ike Election Official button

M613-0133 Vet for Ike button

M613-0134 President Dwight D. Eisenhower coin

M613-0135 Ike button

M613-0136 Inauguration January 20, 1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0137 Working Press Inaugural Committee 1957 button

M613-0138 North Carolina for Ike button

M613-0139 Ohio for Ike button

M613-0140 New Hampshire for Ike button

M613-0141 Ike button

M613-0142 Ike button

M613-0143 North Dakota for Ike button

M613-0144 Iowa for Ike button

M613-0145 South Carolina for Ike button

M613-0146 Delaware for Ike button

M613-0147 I like Ike button

M613-0148 I like Ike button

M613-0149 Eisenhower and Nixon button

M613-0150 Eisenhower Nixon button

M613-0151 Ike & Dick button

M613-0152 Nevada for Ike button

M613-0153 Wyoming for Ike button

M613-0154 Virginia for Ike button

Box 16

Tray 4

M613-0155 Welcome Mr. President – Inaugural 1953 button

M613-0156 Welcome Mr. President – Inaugural 1953 button

M613-0157 I am a Democrat for Eisenhower button

M613-0158 Inauguration – January 20, 1953 – Dwight D. Eisenhower

M613-0159 General Eisenhower button

M613-0160 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0161 Men of the Year 1956 Eisenhower Stevenson

M613-0162 Eisenhower in 1956 button

Tray 5

M613-0163 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0164 Dwight D. Eisenhower for President button

M613-0165 I Still Like Ike – He’s Good Enough for Me button

M613-0166 Young Republicans for Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0167 Eisenhower in ’56 button

M613-0168 Ike is Oke button

M613-0169 Eisenhower Day October 1, 1956

M613-0170 I Still Like Ike button

M613-0171 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0172 Six in ’56 – Like Ike – Vote Nov. 6 button

M613-0173 I Still Like Ike button

M613-0174 Democrats for Dwight D. Eisenhower button

Tray 6

M613-0175 I Like Ike button

M613-0176 Confidencially I’m for Ike button

M613-0177 I Like Ike button

M613-0178 Veterans for Ike button

M613-0179 Ike Dick Sure to Click button

M613-0180 Better a Part-Time President than a Full-Time Phony button

M613-0181 Ike – One Good Term Deserves Another button

M613-0182 Chinese button believed to say “to support the commander-in-chief”

M613-0183 Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0184 I Like Ike in the White House button

M613-0185 President Dwight D. Eisenhower – Vice President Richard M. Nixon button

M613-0186 I Like Ike button

M613-0187 Eisenhower Party Press button

M613-0188 Ike for President of the United States Golf Assn. in 1964 button

M613-0189 I Like Ike button
Box 17

Tray 7

M613-0190 Inauguration – January 20, 1957 – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0191 Dwight D. Eisenhower portrait button

M613-0192 Peace and Prosperity with Eisenhower button

M613-0193 The Man of the Hour – Eisenhower button

M613-0194 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0195 Inauguration – January 20, 1953 – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0196 Eisenhower Nixon button

M613-0197 Peace and Prosperity with Eisenhower button

M613-0198 Dwight D. Eisenhower for President button

M613-0199 I’m for Keeping Eisenhower button

M613-0200 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0201 I Like Ike button

Tray 8

M613-0202 J’aime Ike button

M613-0203 Viva Eisenhower – Me Gusta Ike button

M613-0204 Dwight D. Eisenhower for President button

M613-0205 I Like Ike button

M613-0206 I Like Ike button

M613-0207 Inauguration Day – Eisenhower Nixon – Washington, D.C. January 20, 1957 – I Like Ike & Dick button

M613-0208 Our President button

M613-0209 Don’t let this happen to you! Vote for Ike! Button

M613-0210 Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower button

M613-0211 Ohio Likes Ike button

M613-0212 Ike Dick button

M613-0213 I Still Like Ike button

Tray 9

M613-0214 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0215 Mamie for First Lady button

M613-0216 I Like Ike button

M613-0217 Ike for President button

M613-0218 Call for Ike button

M613-0219 Give Ike Republican House in ’54 button

M613-0220 I Still Like Ike button

M613-0221 We Want Mamie button

M613-0222 We Still Like Ike button

M613-0223 I Like Ike button

M613-0224 Ike button

M613-0225 Ike and Dick button

M613-0226 I Like Mamie button

M613-0227 Give Ike Your Congressman button

M613-0228 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0229 We Want Mamie button

M613-0230 Ike Likes Me button

M613-0231 Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0232 I’m Wit Choo Ike button

M613-0233 I Still Like Ike button

M613-0234 Oregon for Ike button

M613-0235 Back Ike’s Program button

M613-0236 “I Like Ike” button

M613-0237 Ike – red, white, and blue ribbon button

M613-0238 Eisenhower with Peace and Prosperity button

M613-0239 Inauguration Jan. 20, 1957 – Eisenhower – Washington, D.C. button

M613-0240 Ike – Texas button

M613-0241 Peace Prosperity Progress Keep Ike button

M613-0242 I Like Ike – Texas button

M613-0243 Back Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0244 Don’t let this happen to You! Vote for Ike! Button

M613-0245 I Like Ike button

M613-0246 I Like Ike in ’56 button

M613-0247 Ike Dick button

M613-0248 Ike’s for Dick and So Am I button

M613-0249 Mamie Pat button

M613-0250 President Eisenhower button

M613-0251 Junior Club – Ike and Dick button

M613-0252 Ike & Dick button

M613-0253 I Like Eisenhower and Nixon button

M613-0254 Our Pick Ike and Dick – Jeffersonian Democrats button

M613-0255 Ike – Elect a Republican Congress button

M613-0256 Ike – Integrity Knowledge Experience button

M613-0257 Ike button

M613-0258 Ighat Member Club button

M613-0259 Ike for President button

Box 18

Tray 10

M613-0260 Ja Som Za Ike-A button

M613-0261 ΑΓΑπΩ Ton Ike button

M613-0262 Io Sono Per Ike button

M613-0263 My Rady Ike button

M613-0264 As Esu Del Ike button

M613-0265 Ikert Vagyok button

M613-0266 Ja Chce Ike A button

M613-0267 Ja Som Pro Ike button

M613-0268 Inauguration – January 20, 1957 – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0269 “I Want Ike” button

M613-0270 “I Like Ike” button

M613-0271 Peace and Prosperity with Eisenhower button

M613-0272 Chinese button saying “to support Eisenhower the Commander”

M613-0273 Draft Eisenhower for President button

M613-0274 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0275 I Like Ike for President button

M613-0276 In Memory of our 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890-1969 button

M613-0277 They’re for You Ike Dick button

M613-0278 Dwight D. Eisenhower for President button

M613-0279 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0280 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0281 The Man of the Hour Eisenhower button

M613-0282 “I Like Ike” button

M613-0283 Dem-Ike-Crats for Eisenhower button

M613-0284 Ace Convertor – Converted Five Democrats button

M613-0285 General Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0286 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0287 General Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0288 34th President – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0289 General Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0290 Time For a Change – I Like Ike button

M613-0291 America Needs Dwight D. Eisenhower – Draft Ike in 1956 button

M613-0292 Dwight Eisenhower portrait button

M613-0293 J’aime Ike button

M613-0294 Vets for Ike button

M613-0295 Eisenhower for President 1948 button

M613-0296 I’m an Ike Block Buster button

M613-0297 Give us our Own Future – Vote for Ike button

M613-0298 Adlai Likes Ike Too button

M613-0299 America Needs Dwight D. Eisenhower – Draft Ike in 1956 button

M613-0300 The Man of the Hour – Eisenhower button

M613-0301 In Memory – Dwight David Eisenhower – Soldier Statesman President – Oct. 14 1890-Mar. 28 1969

M613-0302 Dwight David Eisenhower – “… I Have Always Loved My Country” – 1890-1969 button

M613-0303 Inauguration Jan. 20, 1953 – Washington, D.C. button

M613-0304 In Memory of a Great American – General and President – 1890-1969 – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0305 34th President – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0306 Peace Progress Prosperity – I Like Ike button

M613-0307 Peace and Prosperity with Eisenhower button

M613-0308 Inauguration January 20, 1953 – Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0309 Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0310 Dwight D. Eisenhower for President button

M613-0311 I Like Ike – Eisenhower button

M613-0312 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0313 I Like Ike – Eisenhower button

M613-0314 “I Like Ike” button

M613-0315 I Like Ike button

M613-0316 Eisenhower for President button

M613-0317 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0318 I Like Ike button

M613-0319 Don’t let this happen to you! Vote for Ike! Button

M613-0320 Let’s Clean House with Ike and Dick button

M613-0321 IKE – Integrity Knowledge Experience button

M613-0322 IKE button

M613-0323 IKE button

M613-0324 IKE elephant button

M613-0325 I Like Ike button

M613-0326 I Like Ike button

M613-0327 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0328 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0329 I Like Ike button

M613-0330 Democrat for Ike button

M613-0331 Ike & Dick button

M613-0332 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0333 I Like Ike Even Better button

M613-0334 Yo Quiero Ike button

M613-0335 I Like Ike button

M613-0336 Vote Republican – Eisenhower button

M613-0337 First Voter for Ike button

M613-0338 Get Right with Ike button

M613-0339 I Like Ike button

M613-0340 I Like Ike button

M613-0341 J’aime Ike button

M613-0342 Ike for President – Butler for Senator button

M613-0343 Ike and Nixon button

M613-0344 Ike button

M613-0345 J’aime Ike button

M613-0346 Young bucks for Ike button

M613-0347 The People Want Ike ribbon

Tray 11

M613-0348 Grandstand Operations – 1789-1953 42nd Inaugural – Dwight D. Eisenhower Richard M. Nixon January 20th 1953 ribbon

M613-0349 Peace Progress Prosperity Ike – Ike & Dick Inauguration January 21, 1957 16th and 19th Penna. Congressional Districts button and ribbon

M613-0350 Ike I work for Dick – Junior Club button

M613-0351 Hawthorne Proudly Endorses Eisenhower-Nixon 1956 – Hawthorne Unit Passaic County Republican League ribbon

M613-0352 Philadelphia – Eisenhower Presidential Inauguration – Washington, D.C. Jan. 21st, 1957 button and ribbon

M613-0353 I Like Ike button

M613-0354 Ike button

M613-0355 Nixon Party Guest – Ike and Dick – They’re for you button

M613-0356 I Like Ike button

M613-0357 I Like Ike button

M613-0358 Ike and Dick button

M613-0359 I Like Ike button

M613-0360 Now – Do you Like Ike? Button

M613-0361 I Like Ike button

M613-0362 I Like Ike button

M613-0363 I Like Ike button

M613-0364 I Like Ike button

M613-0365 I Like Ike button

M613-0366 I Like Ike button

M613-0367 I Like Ike button

M613-0368 I Like Ike button

M613-0369 I Like Ike button

M613-0370 Ike and Dick button

Tray 12

M613-0371 General Dwight D. Eisenhower button

M613-0372 “Ike” Day button

M613-0373 Ike – One Good Term Deserves Another button

M613-0374 Nix On Ike – I’m for Adlai button

M613-0375 Let’s Back Ike button

M613-0376 Give Ike a Republican Congress button

M613-0377 I Like Ike button

M613-0378 J’aime Ike button

M613-0379 Win with Ike button

M613-0380 Vote Eisenhower Nixon for a Better Future button

M613-0381 Win with Ike button

M613-0382 I Like Ike button

M613-0383 I’ll Vote Eisenhower Will You? Button

M613-0384 J’Aime Ike button

M613-0385 Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon – Campaign Worker butter

M613-0386 Dwight Eisenhower button

M613-0387 I Like Ike and Dick button

M613-0388 U.S. for Ike button

M613-0389 I Like Ike button

M613-0390 For the Love of Ike Vote Republican button

M613-0391 I Like Ike button

M613-0392 I Like Ike button

M613-0393 I Like Ike button

M613-0394 Ike in ’56 button

M613-0395 They’re for you – Ike Dick button

M613-0396 Vote Ike Nixon Republican button

M613-0397 Ike Likes Me button

M613-0398 Ike and Dick Sure to Click button
Box 19

Tray 13

M613-0399 08 Presidential Debate – The University of Mississippi – September 26, 2008 writing tablet

M613-0400 08 Presidential Debate – The University of Mississippi – decals

M613-0401 08 Presidential Debate – The University of Mississippi – September 26, 2008 pen

M613-0402 First 2008 Presidential Debate – University of Mississippi – 9-26-08 button

M613-0403 First Presidential Debate – Sept. 26th, 2008 – McCain vs. Obama button

M613-0404 The 1st Presidential Debate – McCain Obama – September 26, 2008 – Oxford, Mississippi

M613-0405 The Lines are Drawn – First Presidential Debate – Sept 26, 2008 – University of Mississippi – Oxford, MS

M613-0406 The Presidential Debates - September 26, 2008 – McCain vs. Obama – University of Mississippi

M613-0407 Obama Wins! John McSame vs. Barack Obama – Ole Miss – Debate 9/26/2008

Tray 14

M613-0408 Republican National Convention – August 15-18 – George Bush – “Our Next President” button – New Orleans Louisiana ribbon

M613-0409 Vote for Our President – George W. Bush and John Pendergrass button

M613-0410 Make America Strong Vote Republican – Ronald Reagan, John Pendergrass, George H.W. Bush button

M613-0411 John Pendergrass Supports Clinton President – Gore Vice-President 1996 button

M613-0412 John Pendergrass Supports Dole for President 96 button

M613-0413 John Pendergrass Supports Dole President – Kemp Vice-President 96 button

M613-0414 John Pendergrass Supports Dole President – Kemp Vice-President 96 button

M613-0415 John Pendergrass Supports Dole President – Kemp Vice-President 96 button

M613-0416 Barack Obama and John Pendergrass button

M613-0417 John Pendergrass and Sarah Palin dressed as a dominatrix – I think John needs some serious discipline button

M613-0418 “An American Reunion” – Inauguration 1993 – John Pendergrass and Bill Clinton button

M613-0419 APIC Natonal Convention ’93 – East Brunswick, New Jersey – John Pendergrass, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton button

Tray 15

M613-0420 Mississippi Southern button

M613-0421 Mississippi Southern button

M613-0422 USM Great in ’78 Golden Eagles button

M613-0425 Stomp State! button

M613-0424 75th Celebration & Homecoming – USM Oct. 8-10, 1987 – USM Alumni Assn. button

M613-0425 USM vs N.C. State – Dec. 28, 1990 – All-American Bowl button

M613-0426 University of Southern Mississippi – The All American Bowl 1990 – Birmingham, Al. button

M613-0427 Golden Eagles – Bowl – Exclusive Stadium Collection – December 22, 2007 – Birmingham, Alabama button

M613-0428 Southern Miss vs. Idaho – Humanitarian Bowl It’s Spud-tacular! – December 30, 1998 button

M613-0429 USM Hattiesburg, MS. Button

M613-0430 Luv My Eagles button

M613-0431 Eagle Fever I’ve Got It! Button

M613-0432 Eagle Fever I’ve Got It! Button

M613-0433 Eagle Ego button

M613-0434 Go Eagles – Fine Bros.-Matison button

M613-0435 Dam the Wave – Eagle Fever button

M613-0436 Mississippi Southern button

M613-0437 Southern Miss Pittsburgh – Axa Equitable Liberty Bowl Dec. 31, 1997 Memphis, TN button

M613-0438 Homecoming USM button

M613-0439 Stomp State button

M613-0440 USM Golden Eagles 1988 Independence Bowl – “Catch The Spirit” button

M613-0441 1970 USM Big Gold Country coin

M613-0442 University Go Southern Go Mississippi button

Box 20

Tray 16

M613-0443 Vote The Man Who Cares – Charles Evers button

M613-0444 Vote for Evers button

M613-0445 Elect Evers U.S. Senator button

M613-0446 Charles Evers – “The Man Who Cares” button

M613-0447 Mayor Charles Evers Inauguration Fayette, Mississippi July 7, 1969 button

M613-0448 Make Evers Governor in ’71 sticker

M613-0449 Inauguration July 7, 1969 Evers Mayor Fayette, Miss. Button

M613-0450 Elect Evers Mayor button

M613-0451 On November 2nd Elect Charles Evers Governor – Evers for Everybody card

M613-0452 Evers for Mississippi…Building a New Image for a Proud People card

M613-0453 I Gave Did You? – Charles Evers button

M613-0454 Vote Evers Governor ’71 button

M613-0455 Evers for Governor button

M613-0456 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0457 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0458 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0459 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0460 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0461 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0462 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0463 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0464 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0465 Meredith Mississippi March for Freedom – June 1966 button

M613-0466 James Meredith – March Through Mississippi 1966 – “March Against Fear” button

Tray 17

M613-0467 David Duke State Representative button

M613-0468 Duke for President It’s the White Thing to do button

M613-0469 Equal Rights David Duke for all pin

M613-0470 David Duke button

M613-0471 Equal Rights David Duke for all pin

M613-0472 Duke President button

M613-0473 Stand up American Duke President button

M613-0474 David Duke U.S. Senate button

M613-0475 David Duke button

M613-0476 Duke for President – Vote Populist Party 1988 button

M613-0477 A Proud American for David Duke U.S. President button

M613-0478 Duke in ’92 button

M613-0479 A New Duke is Coming button

M613-0480 Duke for President 1992 button

M613-0481 Louisiana State GOP Convention – Duke for U.S. Senate – January 13, 1999

M613-0482 Bush for President ’92 – Duke for Der Fuhrer button

M613-0483 David Duke – Governor ’91 – President ’92 – Fuhrer ’93 button

M613-0484 Vote Dukkke button

M613-0485 KKK Ladies Auxiliary for David Duke – “He’s a Real Wizard under the sheets!” button

M613-0486 Populist Party David Duke for President – Dr. Floyd Parker for Vice President 1988 button

M613-0487 No Duke for America button

M613-0488 I’m for David Duke hook, line and sinker! Button

M613-0489 Michigan Primary – David Duke for President – March 17, 1992 – Republican button

M613-0490 Yes Virginia, David Duke is a RepubliKKKan button

M613-0491 The New Minority – WASP’s for David Duke for President button

M613-0492 David Duke 2016 for President – Confederate flag button

M613-0493 Public Strategies/Impact – Duke – Message and Media button

M613-0494 Do the White Thing – Bush Duke ’92 button

M613-0495 Stop DuKKKe! Button

M613-0496 No Duke for America button

M613-0497 Dump Duke button

M613-0498 Vote for David Duke – Your Next U.S. Senator coin

M613-0499 David Duke 2012 – Confederate Flag button

M613-0500 Buchanan – David Dukes without the Sheets button

M613-0501 Say No to Duke & the KKK button

M613-0502 Duke in ’86 pin

M613-0503 No Dukes button

M613-0504 Never Again! Stop Duke button

M613-0505 Stop Duke – Jobs Not Racism! Button

M613-0506 No Duke No ’92 – KKK button

M613-0507 If You Liked Hitler You’ll Love David Duke! Button

M613-0508 Bush Duke – RepubliKKKans for 1992! Button

M613-0509 Duke for Fuhrer button

M613-0510 RepubliKKKans for Bush/Duke 1992 button

M613-0511 David Duke – Equal Rights For All – Special Privilege For None button

Tray 18

M613-0512 I’m from The Magnolia State Mississippi button

M613-0513 National Cottonseed Products Assn. Inc. – 8th Annual Session Mississippi Division Edgewater Gulf Hotel Edgewater Park, Miss. – June 17-18, 1937 button

M613-0514 United States Senator – Thad Cochran – R – Mississippi button

M613-0515 Visit Mississippi Jaycees – Jaycettes button

M613-0516 Mississippi State College – Jackie Parker All-American button

M613-0517 Neil Young – IP Showroom – Biloxi, Mississippi Sept 25 2010 Gulf Coast Series button

M613-0518 Mississippi for Trump 2016 button

M613-0519 Mississippi for Cruz 2016 button

M613-0520 Mississippi for Hillary 2016 button

M613-0521 Mississippi coin

M613-0522 Mississippi pin

M613-0523 Mississippi for Bernie 2016 button

M613-0524 Mississippi for Rubio 2016 button

M613-0525 Hattiesburg Clinic button

M613-0526 Baptist Training Union – Fourth Southwide Baptist Training Union Conference Birmingham, Ala. Dec. 31, 1935 – Jan. 3, 1936 button

M613-0527 Elect Chris Farris County Attorney button

M613-0528 Elect Chris Farris County Attorney button

M613-0529 One city. One future. One candidate. Betsy M. Rowell Hattiesburg Mayor button

M613-0530 Mississippi pin

Box 21

Tray 19

M613-0531 Re-Elect the President – Mississippi – Bill Clinton button

M613-0532 Mississippi supports George W. Bush for President 2000 button

M613-0533 Mississippi – 2004 State Democratic Convention – Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi – May 29, 2004 Jackson, MS – Kerry button

M613-0534 John Pendergrass Supports Clinton for President – Mississippi button

M613-0535 2004 Mississippi Delegation DNC button

M613-0536 2004 – Mississippi Delegation to the Democratic National Convention button

M613-0537 Mississippi Delegation to the Democratic National Convention – 2004 button

M613-0538 Haley Barbour Mercer Co. July 1, 1996 – Bob Dole ‘96

M613-0539 2004 Mississippi Delegation to the Democratic National Convention button

M613-0540 Kirk Fordice & Mississippi – We’re Working Now! Button

M613-0541 The Winning Team – Kerry & Edwards – Mississippi button

M613-0542 Mississippi is for Bush Cheney ’04 – 2004 button

M613-0543 Bowen button

M613-0544 The South’s Warmest Welcome Mississippi – Clinton Gore 96 button

M613-0545 Roger Wicker for Congress button

M613-0546 Dick Molpus Governor button

M613-0547 Pete Johnson Governor button

M613-0548 Mississippi Supports – John Kerry and John Edwards – 2004

M613-0549 Thad Cochran for Vice President button

M613-0550 Mississippi for Bush Cheney ’04 button

M613-0551 Roger Wicker for Congress button

M613-0552 John Arthur Eaves for Governor button

M613-0553 Magnolia State Mississippi – Confederate – Bush 2004 button

M613-0554 Wayne Dowdy button

M613-0555 Mississippi for Gore Lieberman 2000 button

M613-0556 Mississippi Supports Perot in 1996! Button

M613-0557 Mississippi for John Kerry in 2004 button

M613-0558 Support our President – Lott 2006 – Re-Elect Our Senator button

Tray 20

M613-0559 Mississippi Loves Barack! Button

M613-0560 Barack Obama for President – Bennie Thompson for Congress button

M613-0561 Barack Obama for President – Travis Childers for Congress button

M613-0562 John McCain for President – John McCay for Congress button

M613-0563 John McCain for President – Thad Cochran for Senate button

M613-0564 John McCain for President – Greg Davis for Congress button

M613-0565 John McCain for President – Roger Wicker for Senate button

M613-0566 Mississippi Obama ’08 button

M613-0567 Mississippi Obama 2008 – The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi button

M613-0568 Mississippi Delegate – Democratic National Convention August 25-28, 2008 Denver, Colorado – Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi – Barack Obama button

M613-0569 Mississippi Obama 2008 button

M613-0570 Mississippi for Mitt – March 13th Primary Day – Romney button

M613-0571 Rankin County for Bush Cheney Lott Pickering in 2000 button

M613-0572 Mississippi for Change March 11 – button

M613-0573 Mississippi supports Obama ’08 button

M613-0574 Bill Bowlin for U.S. Senate button

M613-0575 Magnolia State Supports Kerry Mississippi button

M613-0576 Mississippi for Bush Cheney ’04 button

M613-0577 Mississippi for Obama ’08 – Changing History button

M613-0578 Mississippi 2008 – Hillary Clinton button

M613-0579 Mississippi Votes for Hillary Clinton for President 2008 button

M613-0580 Tabor’s Founder 1889 1958 Moses Dickson button

M613-0581 Tabor’s Health Institution – Taborian Hospital – Expansion Program Under Way button

M613-0582 Tabor’s Leaders – Sir P.M. Smith, C.G.M. Mound Bayou, Miss. – Dtr. M.B. Filyowr, G.H.B. Darlove, Miss. Button

M613-0583 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Mound Bayou, Miss. – I.T. Montgomery B.T. Green 1887-1962 Founders of Mound Bayou button

M613-0584 Isaiah T. Montgomery – Founded and Patented Mound Bayou, Miss.

M613-0585 Dedication – Illinois State Memorial – National Military Park – Vicksburg, Miss. 1906 souvenir

M613-0586 Mississippi for Romney button

M613-0587 Camp Shelby No 10558 – Officer’s Wife – Date Issued 5 27 43 Mississippi button

M613-0588 Black Economic Union – Food First Feb. 26 – May 30 – Holly Springs, Miss. Button

M613-0589 United League of Miss. – Support the Black Freedom Movement – Speaking Tour – Anti-Bakke Decision Coalition button

M613-0590 Mississippi Delegation Party 1988 button

M613-0591 Miss. Education Ass’n Biloxi Mar-27-29-1940 button

M613-0592 Mississippi for Obama button

M613-0593 Mississippi Baptist State Convention – Nov. 11-14 1935 – Meridian button

M613-0594 See Mississippi Kerns & Cole button

M613-0595 Newton-Glenn-Knost-Jones 23188 – Biloxi, Miss. Button

Tray 21

M613-0596 We Love Mississippi – Miller High Life Beer button

M613-0597 Mississippi Republican Party button

M613-0598 Mississippi Democrats – The Party of a Lifetime button

M613-0599 Ted Weill U.S. Senate – Vote Independent ’96 button

M613-0600 Bobby Chain Mayor. He Gets Things Done button

M613-0601 2409 Mississippi Products, Inc. button

M613-0602 Mississippi Education Assn. Biloxi, Miss. Apr. 26-27-28, 1928 button

M613-0603 Mississippi Magnolia State button

M613-0604 Coahoma County Conservation League 309 1956 button

M613-0605 Re-Think Mississippi button

M613-0606 Evelyn McPhail button

M613-0607 Dale – Dale Danks for Mayor button

M613-0608 Vote Klein D.A. button

M613-0609 Mississippi Press Assn. Clarksdale May 17-19, 1916 button

M613-0610 Newton-Glenn-Knost-Jones 23484 Biloxi, Miss. Button

M613-0611 Attorney General Mike Moore button

M613-0612 Magnolia State Classic Press April 9-13 1969 Hattiesburg Country Club button

M613-0613 “Headstart, 20 Years of Success” Mississippi Headstart Conference March 26-29, 1985 button

M613-0614 For all F.T.D. orders in this Territory – south-west Tenn. If you talk in your sleep “Say it with Flowers” – Tupelo Floral Co. Tupelo, Miss. Mirror

M613-0615 Miss. Products, Inc. 2445 Jackson, Miss. Button

M613-0616 Tony Lawrence Fayette, Miss. Music Festival Production Committee 1969 button

M613-0617 Have Made Good For Over Thirty-Five Years – Meridian Fertilizers Shreveport Meridian Hattiesburg – Meridian Fertilizer Factory Shreveport, LA. Button

M613-0618 National Convention – Jackson, Miss. Sept. 12-13, 1980 – Helen Matthews Hattiesburg, Miss. – For Restoration of Constitutional Government button

M613-0619 1978 Magnolia Classic Club House button

M613-0620 United Burial Ass’n Inc. Member –Rolling Fork, Miss. Button

M613-0621 Travel Mississippi 76 button

M613-0622 Little Red Schoolhouse – Richland, Mississippi – Birthplace of O.E.S. button

M613-0623 Shelby Speights “Day” May 27, 1985 – Hero WWII – Lamar Co. Mississippi button

M613-0624 Troy B. Watkins Lt. Governor button

M613-0625 Mississippi - Heileman’s Pure Genuine Old Style – You’ve Got Style button

M613-0626 Oak Grove Mississippi button

M613-0627 My Dad’s a Winner – Waldoff’s button

M613-0628 25 – Twenty-Fifth Anniversary – Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic 1968-1992 Clubhouse button

M613-0629 Let’s Elect Doxey Fisher State Treasurer button

M613-0630 State of Mississippi – Election Worker – Forrest County button

M613-0631 Good for a 10¢ Cup of Coffee at Sambo’s anywhere – Hattiesburg, Miss. Button

M613-0632 Mississippi Alabama Fair – Good for Opening Day – Monday Oct. 10, 1921 button

M613-0633 1935 Mississippi – Marion 512 – County Resident Hunting License button

M613-0634 1980 N.E.H.C. Mississippi Biloxi button

M613-0635 George Robert Hall – U.S. Congress button

M613-0636 T.K. Moffett for Congress button
Box 22

Tray 22

M613-0637 Mississippi – 1980 Democratic National Convention button

M613-0638 Doug Lemon button

M613-0639 Doug Lemon button

M613-0640 Mississippi for Reagan-Bush ’84 button

M613-0641 LBJ for the U.S.A. – Mississippi button

M613-0642 Mississippi Women Love Reagan – Vote 84 button

M613-0643 Rubel L. Phillips – Stanford E Morse Jr. button

M613-0644 Mississippi is Reagan Country ’84 button

M613-0645 Jimmy Carter for President – Mississippi button

M613-0646 Re-Elect Davis Mayor button

M613-0647 A.I.P. 1968 Wallace-Griffin button

M613-0648 Republicans for Trent Lott 2000 button

M613-0649 John Arthur Eaves 1979 button

M613-0650 Re-Elect Mike Espy to Congress pin

M613-0651 Mississippi Needs Nixon and Agnew button

M613-0652 Mississippi for Bush button

M613-0653 C.B. “Buddie” Newman – Speaker Mississippi – House of Representatives coin

M613-0654 Charles G. Hamilton for Vice President button

M613-0655 John Arthur Eaves 1979 button

M613-0656 Re-Elect McGehee to Congress button

M613-0657 John Arthur Eaves Governor ’79 button

M613-0658 Mississippi for Reagan in ’84 button

M613-0659 Governor’s Staff Bill Waller 72-76 pin

M613-0660 James O. Eastland Memorial Highway – I-55 – Sept. 11, 1990 button

M613-0661 Mississippi Inauguration – Governor Kirk Fordice button

M613-0662 Trent Lott 2000 button

M613-0663 Mississippi for Nixon Agnew button

M613-0664 Effective Fighter – Pickering button

M613-0665 Mississippi Likes 1968

M613-0666 Mississippi Best pin

M613-0667 Barry M. Goldwater coin

M613-0668 Governor Bill Allain 1984 1988 State of Mississippi coin

M613-0669 Trent Lott – Spider button

M613-0670 Governor’s Staff – 1976-1980 Finch pin

M613-0671 Governor’s Staff Cliff Finch 1976-1980 pin

M613-0672 John Bell Williams – Mississippi – Governor’s Staff 1968-1972 pin

M613-0673 1956-1960 Governor’s Staff pin

M613-0674 1948-2002 Different Year…Same Lott – Ku Klux Klan button

M613-0675 Mississippi Inauguration Governor Ray Mabus 1988 button

M613-0676 Governor Bill Allain 1984 1988 State of Mississippi coin

M613-0677 Tupelo Mississippi 1870-1970 button

M613-0678 Democratic Party of Mississippi button

M613-0679 Quin button

M613-0680 Governor’s Staff 64 68 Mississippi pin

M613-0681 Governor’s Staff 1960 1964 Ross Barnett pin

M613-0682 Mississippi for Kennedy in 1980 button

M613-0683 Mississippi 1996 Dole Kemp button

M613-0684 Mississippi for Perot Stockdale 1992 button

M613-0685 National Committee for a Democratic Mississippi – Free Miss. All the Way with LBJ button

M613-0686 Mississippi for Mondale Ferraro in ’84 button

M613-0687 Souvenir of Taft Day – October 28th 1909

Tray 23

M613-0688 Mississippians for Nixon! Button

M613-0689 Mississippians for Nixon! Button

M613-0690 McDaniel for U.S. Senate button

M613-0691 Spiro is my Hero – A salute to Mr. Agnew – Miss. Coliseum – May 18, 1971 button

M613-0692 Jim Herring Attorney General button

M613-0693 Clanton for Governor Mississippi button

M613-0694 Hodding Carter, III for Vice President button

M613-0695 Liles Williams for Congress button

M613-0696 Liles Williams for Congress button

M613-0697 Liles Williams for Congress button

M613-0698 1992 Fordice Inaugural button

M613-0699 Kirk button

M613-0700 Webb Franklin United States Congress button

M613-0701 Mark Evans for Congress button

M613-0702 Robert Clark Democrat for Congress CCC button

M613-0703 Clark A Democrat with a Heart button

M613-0704 Mississippi Carter Brigade button

M613-0705 Choose John Hampton Stennis for Congress button

M613-0706 Women’s Political Network – 1994 Winner: Evelyn Gandy – Annual Awards Dinner button

M613-0707 Re-Elect Bennie Thompson U.S. Congress 2nd Dist. Button

M613-0708 Fordice Governor button

M613-0709 Dale Danks for Mayor button

M613-0710 Mississippi Loves Carter button

M613-0711 Larkin Smith U.S. Congress button

M613-0712 All 50 in 1992! Mississippi is Bush Country! Button

M613-0713 John Arthur Eaves broom pin

M613-0714 Sheila Smith U.S. Congress button

M613-0715 Toxey Hall Smith Jr. for Attorney General button

M613-0716 Richardson for Congress

M613-0717 Mike Sturdivant for Governor button

M613-0718 Democratic National Convention – Atlanta Georgia July 1988 – Dukakis button

M613-0719 Mississippi T ‘n T Thad ‘n Trent button

M613-0720 Mississippi Bush Dole ’88 button

M613-0721 Mississippi Thad for veep button

M613-0722 Mississippi Bush Cochran ’88 button

M613-0723 Musgrove Governor button

Tray 24

M613-0724 Souvenir Inauguration A.J. McLaurin as Goveronor of Mississippi Jan. 21, 1896 button

M613-0725 Charles Scott for Governor button

M613-0726 Chas. F. Scott for Congress button

M613-0727 Wall Doxey for Congress button

M613-0728 Wall Doxey for Congress button

M613-0729 Elect to U.S. Senate Wall Doxey button

M613-0730 Doxey Made Good – Re-Elect Him button

M613-0731 Eastland – Vote Nov. 8 – U.S. Senator button

M613-0732 Keep Jim button

M613-0733 Roll with Ross – Barnett Booster button

M613-0734 Roll with Ross Barnett button

M613-0735 Rubel Phillips button

M613-0736 Arron Henry will do more! Button

M613-0737 For Governor Frank A. Critz button

M613-0738 Re-elect Doxey for Congress button

M613-0739 The Peoples Choice button

M613-0740 Our Pat button

M613-0741 Jeff Busby for Congress button

M613-0742 Oust Bilbo button

M613-0743 ‘Never’ button

M613-0744 Roll with Ross Barnett button

M613-0745 One Man One Vote FDP button

M613-0746 K.O. the Kennedys! Phillips Governor button

M613-0747 Thad button

M613-0748 Elect Johnson Governor button

M613-0749 A.J. McLaurin Gov. Miss., 1896-1900 button

M613-0750 John Bell Williams Governor pin

M613-0751 Corinth Airport Dedication –Col. Roscoe Turner button

M613-0752 The New Capitol, Jackson, Miss. Button

M613-0753 Big Jim pin

M613-0754 Mississippi for Ike button

M613-0755 Unpledged States Rights Electors button

M613-0756 For Greater Mississippi – New $1,250,000 Capitol button

M613-0757 State Sovereignty Individual Liberty – I’m for States Rights button

M613-0758 Vote for Thad U.S. Senate button

M613-0759 Elect Johnson Governor button

M613-0760 Mississippi for Gartin for Mississippi button

M613-0761 Elect Coleman Governor button

M613-0762 Vote Unpledged Electors button

M613-0763 Rankin County Reagan Country! Button

M613-0764 Free Elections in Sunflower button

M613-0765 Constitution Party Sullivan for President button

M613-0766 Winter He’s for real. Button

M613-0767 Winter button

M613-0768 I Met Sullivan He’s My Man button

M613-0769 For Me in ’63 Sullivan button

M613-0770 Charles Sullivan for Governor button

M613-0771 Gandy Governor button

M613-0772 “Know Mississippi Better’ – J.L. Longinotti Mayor Durant Mississippi – Train 1928 button

M613-0773 Know Mississippi Better Train Aug. 7-22, 1930 button

M613-0774 Mississippi Division – U.C.V. – Hattiesburg September 3-4, 1934 – Hattiesburg “The Hub” of South Mississippi – Confederate Flag button

M613-0775 Project Support Mississippi button

M613-0776 Mississippi Reagan Country button

M613-0777 William Winter button

M613-0778 Winter button

M613-0779 Dantin Governor button

M613-0780 I’m a Waller Worker

M613-0781 Dukakis Bentsen Dowdy button

M613-0782 Mississippi Bill Waller – Mississippi flag pin

M613-0783 Stennis button

M613-0784 Boycott Mississippi Boycott button

M613-0785 “It’s time…for Gil” button

M613-0786 Stennis button

M613-0787 Help Elect Cliff Finch Lt. Governor button

M613-0788 Democrats for Carmichael button

M613-0789 Elect Governor Bill Waller button

M613-0790 Vote Dantin United States Senator button

M613-0791 Dantin Senator button

M613-0792 Mississippi – 20th State – Bill Waller – Governor 1972-1976 – Mississippi Flag button

M613-0793 Mississippi – Eagle button

M613-0794 Miss. State Fair Old Ladies Home button

M613-0795 Finch button

M613-0796 American Independent Party

M613-0797 I Like Mike button

M613-0798 Gene Taylor U.S. Congress button

M613-0799 Gene Taylor Congress button

Box 23

Tray 25

M613-0800 Acceptance Addresses – Governor J. Strom Thurmond States’ Rights Candidate for President of the United States – Governor Fielding L. Wright States’ Rights Candidate for Vice President of the United States – National States’ Rights Democrats Campaign Committee Jackson, Mississippi bulletin

M613-0801 States’ Rights Democrats paper placard

M613-0802 States’ Rights Information and Speakers Handbook – States’ Rights Thurmond Wright Democrat – Published by National States’ Rights Democrats Campaign Committee – Headquarters: Heidelberg Hotel Jackson, Mississippi

M613-0803 Mississippi – States’ Rights Democrat – For a Free People under Constitutional Government button

M613-0804 States Rights The Constitution – J.S. Thurmond, Pres. – F.L. Wright, V. Pres. Button

M613-0805 States’ Rights – Thurmond Wright – Democrat button

M613-0806 States’ Rights – Jeffersonian Democrat

M613-0807 States’ Rights – Thurmond Wright – Democrat button

M613-0808 Vote For Thurmond for President – Wright for Vice-President – States’ Rights Democratics card

M613-0809 I am for States’ Rights button

M613-0810 Gov. J. Strom Thurmond for President – States’ Rights Shield of Your Liberty – Governor Fielding L. Wright for Vice-President – States’ Rights Democrats postcard

M613-0811 Membership Card - States’ Rights Democratic Club – Blacksburg, Virginia

Tray 26

M613-0812 Constitution and Declaration of Principles – National States’ Rights Committee – States’ Rights For a Free People Under Constitutional Government – 1949 pamphlet

M613-0813 Fight on Thru ’52 – A Militant Program of Action – Workers Action Handbook – National States’ Rights Committee

M613-0814 Official Democratic Ticket – Democratic Party of South Carolina for Anderson County

M613-0815 Hear J. Strom Thurmond Governor of South Carolina – Candidate for President of the United States

M613-0816 States’ Rights Democratic Party of Arkansas bulletin

M613-0817 National States’ Rights Democrats Campaign Committee

M613-0818 States’ Rights Democrat – Thurmond Wright decal

M613-0819 F.E.P.C. – Force Bill – Confederate Flag

M613-0820 F.E.P.C. – Force Bill – Confederate Flag

Tray 27

M613-0821 Roosevelt Day – Vicksburg, Oct. 21, ’07 watch chain fob

M613-0822 Roosevelt Day – Vicksburg, Oct. 21, ’07 button

M613-0823 A Cotton Arch, erected Oct. 21st 1907, when President Roosevelt visited Vicksburg, Miss. Postcard

M613-0824 Roosevelt Day – Vicksburg, October 21st, 1907 card

M613-0825 Letter about Theodore Roosevelt

M613-0826 The Whitehead & Hoag Co. envelope

M613-0827 A Cotton Arch, erected Oct. 21st 1907, when President Roosevelt visited Vicksburg, Miss. Postcard
John L. Pendergrass Collection of Political Campaign Materials
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October 2020
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