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Ira Grupper Papers

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Copies of articles from 'FORsooth", a newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky chapter of F.O.R. (Fellowship of Reconciliation).


  • February 1998-August 2016

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1998 Feb A Sacrifice Remembered: Heroic civil rights worker recalled as ‘presente’

1998 March Many causes of GE’s decline: Company strategy costs jobs in Louisville

1998 PART TWO: The GE story

1998 June A troubled time in labor, a hopeful one in Mississippi

1998 Sept A chance to make a difference

1998 Oct The view from inside

1998/1999 Dec/ Jan 3 on court fail community by okaying bond

1999 March Tyson workers’ fight against givebacks deserves help

1999 April Striking Indiana Tyson workers get stronger each day

1999 June School’s out, but victorious Tyson workers are back in

1999 July-Aug The human faces of struggle

1999 Sept A slap from city hall

1999 Oct Column heads to Middle East in search of justice

2000 Feb Tour of ‘the land of my cousins’ has a whirlwind start

2000 March Quest for real peace brings activists to the homeplace

2000 April Jingoism, tension, hubris impede search for just peace

2000 May Mideast view shaped by many from wide backgrounds

2000 June-July Weary traveler gets little rest as the struggles beckon

2000 Oct Cases indicate racial profiling not limited to highways

2000 Nov Contrasting outcomes

2000/2001 Dec-Jan Labor gets a glimpse at a struggling but resilient Cuba

2001 March The distribution problem

2001 April Of the public trust, the public truss, the public trough

2001 June Company uses legal tactics to wear nurse union down

2001 July- Aug A victory to shout about

2001 Oct Terrorism’s cause and effects…

2001/2002 Dec-Jan Two domestic scenes give few hints of a nation at war

2002 Feb Labor movement has become as global as corporations

2002 March Local heroes, too, must be recalled in civil rights history

2002 April Amid labor progress, chilling setbacks can still happen

2002 May From Pakistan to Paintsville, workers movement lives

2002 June Struggles ongoing for cities- and a world- for people

2002 July-Aug Struggling Mexican indigenous finally get day in court

2002 Sept Reactionaries pouring against workers, civil liberties

2002 Oct Some in labor unifying with peace efforts as war nears

2002 Nov Nurses union posts a significant win against company

2003 Feb Labor activists make a decisive move against Iraq war

2003 April A face on a human tragedy

2003 May Peace as crucial to workers as wages and hours issue

2003 June Lessons for activists are found over time, space

2003 July Denouncing slavery easy; fighting its newer form hard

2003 Sept Activists don’t drop out of the struggles, many proved

2003 Oct Two view on a Dixie debacle- why tax reform failed

2003 Nov Transit’s drivers and makers fighting anti-labor trends

2003/2004 Dec- Jan Labor leader back on road to safer driving conditions

2004 Feb Amid death and demolitions, two unions settle dispute

2004 April Jobless are victims of weapons

2004 May Two who worked for justice die, but their causes go on

2004 June Will workers survive possible grocery chain collapse?

2004 July-Aug A state makes unimagined progress from its brutal past

2004 Sept Unity not complete as Mississippi county recalls in 1964

2004 Oct Latrogenic wound: teachers asked to bear several costs

2004/2005 Dec-Jan Use caution W, a bucking bronco is under your saddle

2005 Feb As a rights leader dies, his struggles and others continue

2005 March An oligopolistic infection is once more spread around

2005 April Great farm workers win speaks to long struggle ahead

2005 May Bankruptcy latest to be tilted to wealthy

2005 June Media, society’s watchdog, under examination as well

2005 July-Aug Two big wins come against backdrop of labor troubles

2005 Sept Unions face challenges; 5 anti- terrorists get fairer trial

2005 Oct Even a hurricane can inspire the greedy to exploitation

2005 Nov A troubled economy is a labor woe

2005/2006 Dec-Jan Janitors get a measure of justice; cuts loom elsewhere

2006 Feb A city, state feel labor’s response to curb on workers

2006 March Nurse unionist wins struggle with hospital corporation

2006 April At times tense, working with Anne Braden joy overall

2006 May Unjust bill spurs previously unseen workers to rise up

2006 June As GOP falters, are Democrats recalling party’s core?

2006 July-Aug War and the working class tied by Mideast escalation

2006 Sept Quality is job 1 - minus the job - for giant auto maker

2006 Oct Nine of varying beliefs unite back to Nicaragua’s poor

2006 Nov After 24 years on job, health care security still elusive

2006/2007 Dec-Jan Resister made better use of time, skills by not fighting

2007 Feb Thousands gather to consider ways to win back media

2007 March In Louisville, nation, ‘Lee’ and others see leaner times

2007 April Chavez’ left turn improving life for poor Venezuelans

2007 May Venezuelan women taking reins in Chavez revolution

2007 June When a union blesses a formerly feared auto takeover

2007 July-Aug Atlanta hope, Louisville disappointment mark June

2007 Sept The great emancipator’s great vision relevant in 2007

2007 October Race the key factor in prosecuting in a Louisiana burg

2007 Nov Groups unite to extinguish blazes of racism, unjust pay

2008 Feb Some corporations fix prices, not the lives of workers

2008 March Part one: social organization and the worldwide crisis

2008 April Part 2 on Latin America: growth and resisting US

2008 May Split turns ugly, but Latin scene brightens

2008 June Louisville, world fronts pose many challenges to labor

2008 July-Aug Some capitalists opposing others- yes, times are hard

2008 Sept As a poet passes, resistance continues by boatload

2008 Nov Life devoted to cleansing US of racism, foul language

2008/2009 Dec-Jan The woes awaiting Obama, the shoulders he stands on

2009 Feb Woman recalls her role in the rerouting the flow of history

2009 March Vietnam trip turned thoughts of war to wish for peace

2009 April ‘New beginnings’ arrive for labor and fairer tax policy

2009 May A more united labor waged uphill fight for free choice

2009 June Layoffs in Louisville; the keys to equality in Mississippi

2009 July-Aug Buy America or bye, America? 3 labor activists’ views

2009 Sept ‘Goon squad tactics’ harm health of health care debate

2009 Oct AFL-CIO transition is a time of real progress in labor

2009 Nov Does the commander-in-chief deserve prize for peace?

2009/2010 Dec- Jan As poverty swells, AFL-CIO backs plan to create jobs

2010 Feb In Gaza, collective punishment by Israel is retributive

2010 March UAW and the race card – a decades-old fault of labor

2010 April Power to the people? Mayor talks bold transformation

2010 May Truly golden 50-year reunion recalls songs and sit-ins

2010 July-Aug Despoilment of ecosystems and loss of jobs near gulf

2010 September Health care or wealth care – the story of one medicine

2010 October Twin horrors: US unemployment, Mideast occupation

2010 November State’s heart in the struggle for 50 years, but funding?

2010/2011 Dec-Jan At new year, spoken and sung tributes to the fightback

2011 Feb Four factors divide meeting a need from feeding greed, by Francis Sandy Eaton (guest author)

2011 March Egyptian freedom movement and the US justice cause

2011 April We the people, came to Indy to “represent outselves”

2011 May The Attempt to Crush Public Worker Unions

2011 June Down the Stretch They Come – May Day on the Outside

2011 July/Aug US left should support Palestinian acknowledgment

2011 September “Green Jobs for Haiti Campaign” (guest author)

2011 November All good things must come to an end

2012 June The Louisville Orchestra wins a tough battle

2013 May Whither Labor?

2013 July/Aug Half of a speech given at University of Havana, Cuba

2013 October Race and class in labor – part 2

2014 March The ethical contradictions in a greater moral good

2014 May When businesses could have protected lives, but chose not to

2014 July-August European anti-immigrant racism—and the fightback against it

2014 October A handcuffed protester at 90 – my lovely friend Hedy Epstein

2014 November If Blood Be the Cost: Grupper and ENAR Fight the Rising Scourges of Racism and Neoliberalism by Isaac Marion Thacker IV

2014/2015 Dec/Jan Open Hillel – a ray of hope amid world and personal conflict

2015 March Some Say it distorts and is biased, but “Selma” must be seen

2015 June Labor is rising up again; how far isn’t yet known

2015 July/August Commemorating a freedom struggle while boosting a new one

2015 October Blacks and Bernie Sanders slowly getting acquainted as primaries near

2016 April Race, class, and oppression

2016 June Of youth, history and defiance

2016 July/August Don’t blame Islam for terrorism
Ira Grupper Papers
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