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A. Kennard Davis Papers

Identifier: DG0248
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Arthur Kennard Davis in relation to the creation of his books, Breakers on the Reef (n.d.) and The Three Yard Ensign (1963). It includes carbon manuscripts and a proof copy, as well as letters from the author to de Grummond personnel. The collection is organized into two series by type of material, and it is contained in one box.
Dates: circa 1963; undated

Verna Aardema Papers

Identifier: DG0002
Abstract Verna Aardema was born in New Era, Michigan on June 6, 1911. In the 1970s Aardema teamed up with illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon to produce three picture books. Their Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (1975) received the Caldecott Medal in 1976 and the Brooklyn Art Books for Children Award in 1977. The collection contains both autobiographical material and material related to seven of her books.
Dates: 1965-1991

Adrienne Adams Papers

Identifier: DG0004
Abstract Adrienne Adams (1906-2002) was born in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and grew up in Oklahoma. She married John Lonzo Anderson, author of children's books, and illustrated his book, Bag of Smoke in 1942. She began her career as a full-time illustrator in 1952, and went on to illustrate more than 30 books ranging from texts by contemporary authors to the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. She was a runner-up for the Caldecott Medal in 1960 and 1962 and...
Dates: 1960-1977

David A. Adler Papers

Identifier: DG0005
Abstract The David A. Adler Papers contain manuscripts, typescripts, printed material, and correspondence created and accumulated by David A. Adler between 1975 and 2001. Adler's papers were created from his composition of 148 published books, one short story, and seven unpublished works. His nonfiction work includes biographies of historical figures; books on science, economics, and mathematics; and riddle and puzzle books. Adler has written numerous picture books and eight series of mystery and...
Dates: 1975-2001

Larry Adler Papers

Identifier: DG0007
Abstract Larry Adler was born in White Plains, New York on July 10, 1939. He has been an advertising copywriter and free-lance writer since 1965, and has focused on writing for young people since the publication of his first book--a sports biography called Man with a Mission: Pele (1976).
Dates: 1979-1980

Adrian Paradis Papers

Identifier: DG0761
Dates: 1971; undated

Arthur Ageton Papers

Identifier: DG0009
Abstract Arthur A. Ageton (1900-1971) was born in Montana and brought up in Pullman, Washington. He served as an Executive Officer in the US Navy during World War II, and retired on December 1, 1947 in the rank of rear admiral. Following his retirement, he had a varied writing career, being the author of several military guides, manuals, and a novel, The Jungle Seas (1954). His most widely known book is The Naval Officer's Guide (1943) which has been...
Dates: 1945

Agnes McCarthy Papers

Identifier: DG0634
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials related to the children’s book, Let’s Go to a Court (Putnam, 1962), by Agnes McCarthy. The collection is organized into one series by book, and it is contained in one letter-sized folder.
Dates: 1961-1962

Anna Maria Ahl Papers

Identifier: DG0011
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Anna Maria Ahl in relation to her illustrations created for multiple books with authors such as Joan Denise Busch and Ester Wier. It includes original pages of illustrations with acetate color separation sheets of laid over color and some Christmas cards made by Anna Maria Ahl. Also included are instructions to where certain designs should be placed within the book, and the color samples for books and pages. The collection is organized into...
Dates: 1970-1972

Joan Aiken Papers

Identifier: DG1132
Abstract Joan Delano Aiken (1924-2004), daughter of American poet Conrad Aiken, was a young adult author and illustrator who wrote over thirty-five titles for young adults and over twenty for adults. She contributed short stories and reviews to Argosy, Everywoman, John Bull, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Housewife, Vanity...
Dates: 1985-1986

Alberta Friedenberg Eiseman Papers

Identifier: DG0293
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Alberta F. Eisman. The contents of box 1 includes typescripts that were edited, galley proofs, a first proof, and a copyedit. Box 2 contains folded and gathered books, photos, correspondence, galley proofs, illustrations, and title pages.
Dates: 1966-1979

Alberta Roller Armer Papers

Identifier: DG0038
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Alberta R. Armer which contains galleys, book covers, dummies, early artist’s painting for a book cover, scrapbook material, typescripts, edited typescripts, unbound copies, page proofs, research, illustrations, correspondence, early typescript, author’s agreements, and carbon typescripts. There are also miscellaneous/related materials which include photographs from the National Soap Box Derby, a photograph of the author, fan mail, and...
Dates: 1962-1970; undated

Lee Smith Albion Papers

Identifier: DG0909
Abstract For a number of years, Lee Smith Albion exclusively illustrated the weekly Chicago Tribune Book Review. Publishing under the name Lee Smith, Ms. Albion illustrated a number of children's books, including Inside You and Me: A Child's Introduction to the Human Body (Harper, 1961), A Kite for Carlos (John Day, 1966), and Tomato Boy (Harper, 1967). Perhaps most noteworthy, Albion contributed...
Dates: 1961-1967

Clifford Lindsey Alderman Papers

Identifier: DG0013
Abstract Clifford Lindsey Alderman, a retired Navy commander and student of American history, wrote historical fiction and nonfiction for adults and adolescents. He wrote most often about New England colonial and Revolutionary history, but also on English and French history. The Clifford Lindsey Alderman Papers contain production materials for thirty-one non-fiction books published between 1958 and 1981.
Dates: 1958-1981

Alec Buckels Papers

Identifier: DG0130
Dates: 1923; undated

Alexander McKee Papers

Identifier: DG0646
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Alexander McKee in relation to the creation of several books, including Caen: Anvil of Victory (American title: Last Round Against Rommel) (St. Martin’s Press, 1964) and Farming the Sea (Crowell, 1969). It includes materials related to the printing and editing of the aforementioned books. The collection is organized into one series alphabetically by book title, and includes items such as galleys, corrected typescripts, and a bluebook with...
Dates: 1964-1969

Sue Alexander Papers

Identifier: DG1114
Abstract Sue Alexander (1933-2008) knew she wanted to become a writer from a young age, and finally realized her dream in 1969. The recipient of numerous awards for her work over the years, she was the author of over twenty children's books by the end of her career. The collection contains typescripts, correspondence, galleys, and reviews for two of these titles.
Dates: 1976-1979

Alice Bach Papers

Identifier: DG0049
Dates: 1974-1975

Alice Rogers Hager Papers

Identifier: DG0411
Scope and Contents The collection includes materials used or received by Mrs. Alice Hager Rogers in relation to the creation and publication of her young adult books Cathy Whitney: President’s Daughter (1966), Dateline: Paris (1954), Love’s Golden Circle (1962), Washington Secretary (1958), and The Wonderful Ice-Cream Cart (1955). It includes typed manuscript outlines, chapters, and notes for the various books as well as assorted materials such as an article by the author, newspaper reviews, and a handwritten fan...
Dates: circa 1940-1966

Mabel Esther Allan Papers

Identifier: DG0015
Abstract The Mabel Esther Allan Papers contain manuscripts, typescripts, galleys, correspondence, and personal items created and accumulated by Mabel Esther Allan between 1915 and 1998. Miss Allan's papers were created from her composition of twelve published books; five privately printed volumes of short stories, poems, and autobiography; and eight unpublished novels, short stories, and essays. An English author known especially for her series of novels featuring Drina the ballerina, Miss Allan...
Dates: 1915-1998; Majority of material found within [1931-1993]

Elizabeth Allen Papers

Identifier: DG0016
Scope and Contents This collection holds original typescripts as well as page proofs and galleys for Elizabeth Allen's second novel for young adults. In a letter to the deGrummond curator in 1967, Allen lamented that she did not compose on the typewriter and so had not kept the preliminary manuscripts for The Loser. However, the collection does hold one page of handwritten manuscript for chapter one, page one; sadly, this is the only surviving fragment of manuscript for this title. Despite the loss of the other...
Dates: 1965

Linda Allison Papers

Identifier: DG0019
Scope and Contents The collection contains material for two books. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title. Within each title the materials are arranged in the probable order in which they were created. The Sierra Club Summer Book contains science facts about backyard ecosystems, and easy-to-perform experiments. The Wild Inside has similar information about indoor environments.
Dates: 1977-1980

Victor Ambrus Papers

Identifier: DG0021
Scope and Contents The Victor Ambrus Papers contain a photograph of Ambrus, correspondence, illustrations and other materials related to seven published books, and materials related to Christmas cards designed by Ambrus.The correspondence consists of photocopies of letters and cards to and from the de Grummond Collection. These letters document Ambrus' donations to the collection and his involvement in designing the 1986 de Grummond Collection Christmas card.Six books illustrated by Ambrus...
Dates: 1965-1986

Ame Dyckman Papers

Identifier: DG1345
Dates: 2013-2014

Lee J. Ames Papers

Identifier: DG0022
Scope and Contents The Lee J. Ames papers contain artwork and preparatory material for 94 established book titles, arranged alphabetically by title. Although included in a later series, the papers contain original and unidentified published illustrations, unidentified published proofs, and illustrations from unpublished books and other works. Also included are award materials, photographs, general correspondence (including fan mail), magazine illustrations, editorial cartoons, comic strips, advertisements,...
Dates: 1946-1991

Mildred Ames Papers

Identifier: DG0023
Dates: 1975-1990

Berthe Amoss Papers

Identifier: DG0024
Scope and Contents The papers of Berthe Amoss include typescripts, galleys, and original illustrations as well as several miscellaneous illustrations and articles unconnected in any specific way with the ten publications included in this collection. The ten books in this collection appeal to the full range of children's age groups, from the very young to teens.Of the first group, those books intended for small children, the materials for By The Sea (Parents' Magazine Press, 1969) best illustrate...
Dates: 1938-1985

Walter Anderson Papers

Identifier: DG0027
Abstract Walter Anderson (1903 - 1965), probably the most famous and nationally recognized Mississippi artist, was a muralist, naturalist, wood carver, potter, and painter. The Walter Anderson Papers contain block prints, a drawing, newspaper clippings, an exhibit catalogue, and correspondence pertaining to three books and other artwork, created between the 1940s and the 1980s.
Dates: circa 1945 - 1984; Majority of material found within circa 1970s

Richard André Papers

Identifier: DG0028
Abstract The Richard André Papers consist of an 1885 watercolor illustration from an unknown children's book. English artist William Roger Snow (1834-1907) published under the names Clifford Merton and Richard André. He was a prolific and well-known Victorian-era writer and illustrator, producing more than one hundred books in the 1880s alone.
Dates: 1885

Mary Evans Andrews Papers

Identifier: DG0029
Abstract The Mary Evans Andrews Papers contain typescripts, printed material, and correspondence created and accumulated by Mary Evans Andrews between 1951 and 1987. Her papers were created from her composition of 10 published books. Andrews wrote five books of historical fiction for children set in ancient and modem Greece, colonial Virginia, and Maryland during the War of 1812. She also produced eight books of vocational guidance for teenagers.
Dates: 1951-1987; Majority of material found within [1951-1969]